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Bethany and Dan
Bethany and Dan first met at Pixar in October, 2005. She was one of several on the Mac Systems team who interviewed him for a job at the studio. The interview was a success, and Dan was hired a few weeks later.

The two enjoyed a platonic friendship for about a year until circumstances arranged for them to share an office, and in early 2007 things got more exciting. The friendship became deeper, the time spent together more frequent. They began taking trips together -- just weekends at first-- to Portland, Tucson, Las Vegas, and the mountains.

In early 2008 they took a three and a half week trip to Southeast Asia. This was an epic adventure, and a true test of their compatibility.

Needless to say, they passed.

Since then they have moved in to a house together, taken a trip to Europe, and are now getting hitched!

Coincidentally, both Dan and Bethany moved to the bay area in the year 2000 -- soon after the Y2K-not-crisis -- but their trajectories getting there were quite different.


Bethany grew up in a small mill-town in the Pacific Northwest as the only child of Fred & Jerianne. She was a proud member of the high school dance team and worked at the arcade in the local mall. Beyond that she spent much of her time hunkered down indoors reading books, while the rain poured and poured.

She spent some time at a junior college and then went on to earn a Computer Science degree from Western Washington University. After graduating, she enjoyed three years in Portland, Oregon working at Reed College.

In 2000 she was inspired by a college buddy to apply to be one of his colleagues at Pixar. Fortunately she took him up on it and got the job where she's been working ever since.

She still loves to read, but now that she's living in sunny California, she finds more opportunities to go outside.


Dan grew up bouncing around between the cities of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Tucson, Arizona with brother Kevin and parents Kathy and Gary. He excelled at math and science in school, worked as a page at the city library, and filled the rest of his time with skateboarding and punk rock.

After a false start at UC Berkeley, Dan returned to Tucson to regroup. He discovered photography and worked to receive a BFA from the University of Arizona. Dan was fortunate to have season tickets to the 1997 men's basketball championship season and Wildcat basketball is still one of his guilty pleasures. Go Cats!

After college Dan enjoyed a classic summer trip, bumming around Europe and across the US, followed by a year ski-bumming and working at a newspaper in Sun Valley, Idaho.

In 2000, the bumming stopped, and he moved to San Francisco to begin an IT job at the advertising agency McCann-Erickson. In 2005, inspired to make a change, Dan was lucky enough to land the job at Pixar.

The skateboard is mostly gathering dust, but Dan still spends some of his free time with his snowboard and his camera.

togetherTHE FUTURE

We are both Westerners, but of different stripes. Somehow we found each other, roughly halfway between the Sonoran Desert and the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest.

Nobody knows our destination, but with good jobs, loving friends and families, a vibrant, exciting community, and of course each other, it is clear that our journey will be a pleasant one.

Email Bethany and Dan: walnutwedding@yahoo.com