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What began as a friendship, and evolved into a fling, has turned into so much more. The courtship culminated with Dan's proposal to Bethany in Venice, which she recounts below.

canalOn Wednesday, September 23rd, about three-quarters of the way through our European vacation, we decided to take it easy by strolling through the Dorsodouro sestiere (district) of Venice.

The district was delightful, nearly empty of tourists and populated instead with real people, including families, enjoying themselves. The sun was setting and we wandered around with no real destination.

In our walk we found ourselves crossing a bridge over a canal in an isolated area. Dan knelt to take a picture down the canal. While he did I crossed to the other side of the bridge and looked out. When I came back he was still knelt and I started to lean down to ask him what's up.  At that moment he looked me in the eyes and asked "Will you marry me?"

It's not clear to me what happened next, but Dan says I deliberately said "Yes." We kissed and grinned like idiots and took an iPhone picture to commemorate this spot & this moment.

We celebrated by finding a canal-side bar to toast our good fortune with prosecco.  Afterwards we treated ourselves to a magical dinner at an Anthony Bourdain-recommended restaurant, Trattoria Borghi, where we sat and smiled and watched the boats cruise past.

Here's where it all went down:

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